Tria Baby Car Seat Strap Holder

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Pulls car seat buckle forward and shoulder straps to the side and holds them there for a quick, no-digging entry into the seat.

Tria's Strap Holder automatically pulls the car seat buckle forward and the shoulder straps to the side when the 5-point harness system is in the unbuckled position (when your child is not in the seat) and holds them there for a quick, gentle, no-digging necessary entry into the seat. The Car Seat Strap Holder also allows you to customize the tension in which the shoulder-straps are pulled to the side and which the buckle is pulled forward to allow for a gentle, comfortable, convenient, no digging necessary entry and exit from the car seat.

Tria's Car Seat Strap Holder takes less than three minutes to install and is 100% compatible with every car-seat on the market today which uses the 5-point harness system.

1) Detach car seat straps from the back.

2) Thread the straps through the loop in the Strap Holders.

3) Re-attach the car seat straps in the back.

4) Buckle up your Strap Holder to see the fit.

5) Overlap the ends of your Strap Holder in the back.

6) Use the bobbin to attach the two straps.

7) Wrap the rubber loop around the buckle and attach the loose end to the bobbin.

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